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Mobilized World of Opportunities

March 18, 2013

In case you missed it, the juxtaposed photographs below started floating around last week. Two shots from a similar vantage point of people gathered in St. Peter’s Square in Rome.

The top photo is from 2005, two years before Apple’s launch of the iPhone spawned the smartphone and tablet era.  The bottom from last week.

Now’s about the time we should play the Sesame Street tune, “One of these things is not like the other…”

Saint Peter’s Square 2005 & 2013


It is nothing short of astounding how much our world has changed in 8 blink-of-an-eye years.

Opportunities for New Market Entrepreneurs are vast.   This blog has been sharing observations for quite some time on just a handful of the Brave New World New Market opportunities our wireless mobility has spawned; among them:  Internet-of-Things, SoLoMo, and Second Screen TV.

Then we happened upon the video below, an inspiring 5-min video montage prepared by the Associated Press entitled The Big Game 2.0: Are You Adapting?  The video connects the dots of the changing media world among news organizations, advertisers, social media, digital devices and sport events worldwide — and how all of the changes are resulting in quickly evolving content consumption habits.  It’s worth the look if you are interested in a glimpse of where it’s all headed.  While it depicts the mega-sports events like the 2012 Olympics and the Superbowl, we believe these global events are indicative of what’s happening at the local level as well.  Social, in-the-moment-sharing Second Screen sharing will become habitual among fans.  It’s just the beginning.

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