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Who noticed? iPad losing market share as tablet growth skyrockets.

October 2, 2012

Yesterday Pew published a new study focusing on mobile-device users’ news viewing habits, which in itself was quite surprising:  Mobile users are bypassing apps and consuming news on their devices via browsers.  This has the potential to be a devastating blow to the print media industry who have invested heavily in building stand-alone apps for their properties.  For more, see this excellent summary via Forbes.

What struck us, however, were a series of statistics that came out of the study regarding the growth of non-iPad tablets.  The growth over the past year caught us by surprise and is well represented by this simple graphic:

With almost 25% percent of US adults now owning a tablet of some type (and we believe this number will bump up significantly after the Holidays), the days of developing iPad-only tablet solutions are numbered.

Here’s a useful breakdown on how smartphones and tablet usage breaks out by certain demographics including education, income, employment and  age.

Who Tablet Users Are

The other interesting stat worth passing along is how people are spending their time on tablets and smartphones:

For a great summary of the report, click here for a slideshow and here for an all-inclusive infographic.


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