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Landing Pages & Video: Getting Killer Results From Your Marketing

June 13, 2012

In our last post we commented on a certain presidential campaign’s marketing efforts.  At the heart of its effectiveness were powerful landing pages.  In this post we will  expand on the importance of landing pages and the role of video as a key component.   Video’s role is particularly crucial for New Market Entrepreneurs coming out for the first time with a product or service that is unknown and not well understood.  Strong landing pages that leverage video are  an indispensable part of any successful marketing strategy tasked with bringing in new leads (B2B) or new users/buyers (B2C).

We have discussed directly and indirectly  landing pages and their role in the Marketing/Sales process funnel in the past.  In this post we will share more detail on best practices.

The funnel illustration to the left represents the basic process B2B and B2C marketers follow. (Note: B2B and B2C processes are virtually identical for the first 3 stages of the funnel.  However, after stage 3, B2C typically takes an accelerated track that skips the “leads” stage because most sales need not involve human intervention. )  Of course, we are focused in this post on stage 3:  Landing Pages and the Remarkable Content that make them successful.
For a bit more context, we’ve also included a link to a highly useful “Inbound Marketing Process” graphic to further illustrate the overall workflow your marketing/sales funnel falls into.  It also well depicts the multi-faceted role for landing pages across many elements of the marketing mix and prospect/customer life cycle.  Each and every campaign needs landing pages.
The landing page is designed to be laser focused to entice the prospect into signing up for whatever it is you are offering– resulting in the “capture”.   Driving them to your web site home page just does not cut it.  There is too much clutter.  What’s required is focus and on-message simplicity.
And your landing page can’t work on its own.  It needs drivers that will bring visits.  Referring to the  “Inbound Marketing Process” infographic, take a look at the primary methodologies most companies use to drive traffic to the landing page as outlined in  step 3.  We call them delivery agents…
  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click
…  are the mainstay delivery agents to landing pages.  To this list we would add one important additional method: targeted email.  The purpose of the delivery agent and the landing page is to work in unison with consistent messaging and calls-to-action that are compact, simple, elegant and ACTIONABLE.  Translation:  the look, feel and messaging of your delivery agent should almost always be consistent with that of the landing page you will be driving them toward.
Secrets of Successful Landing Pages
While there are many important components that come together to define a powerful landing page,  for New Market offerings, the most important is the inclusion of compelling video.    The case for adding video is  simple:  it gets results.  We have seen studies documenting 2X and 3X improvements in call to action lift.  Here is one that shows the data behind a 100% increase.  Here is a promotional video by a video marketing company making the case for why video is so powerful.  While self-serving, it’s all true.
A well scripted, designed and executed video lasting no longer than 90 seconds offers powerful leverage building the required level of awareness and interest to entice your landing page visitor to take your desired next step.  Unfortunately, we will have to postpone commentary that further defines the key components of successful videos for another post.  The point we wish to make here is that videos should not be overlooked as an element in your strategy, especially if you are marketing a new offering.   Even if you are operating on a ‘lean startup’ budget, there are ways to  produce videos on your own or with professional assistance that wont break the bank.  And when done right, they are money in the bank.   If your video is really good, people will share it.  (Be sure you make it easy to share by including social plug-ins from Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn on your landing page.)  This is where the ‘remarkable’ element comes in.  When your video is shared, or the ultimate– it goes viral– and your video concludes with a strong call to action pointing back to your landing page, you now have a self-perpetuating funnel machine on your hands. .. the Holy Grail.

Take a look at these 10 Landing Pages that are Crushing it with Video.
Now lets explore the other important elements defining strong landing pages with the help of two infographics.   The first offers some great at-a-glance guidance:
And this  infographic is perfect lists the sequence of steps that lead to strong landing pages and highlights common mistakes.

For more tactical detail on how to build great landing pages, we direct you to Hubspot.  Click here for a list of recently published resources on landing pages from Hubspot.  When you do, keep in mind that you will be entering a parallel universe where Hubspot is, indeed, leveraging us as part of their own content marketing/landing page strategy.  You will experience two-times the value.  Not only will you benefit from some terrific content, but you will also be drawn into Hubspot’s landing page ecosystem…  any company selling marketing technology that manages and automates the inbound/content marketing process is like having [insert favorite pro athlete here] giving you private lessons!  Hubspot is no exception.

Note that because their content is high quality, it is ‘remarkable’ and people naturally want to share it… which furthers their cause of opening new dialog with prospects.   For this reason, landing pages don’t always need to be centered around video. This is particularly true for more mature companies or product offerings.  But, again, for New Market Launches where people are learning about your offering for the first time, it’s the only way to go.

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