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7 Social Media Trends

March 24, 2012

There is a free webinar scheduled for 3/28 that will cover many of the themes we have been discussing in recent months, among them:

Cause-Based Consumers (we last discussed this topic here) –  How can you use the words “business” and “conscience” in the same sentence today … and include short-term profits with your long-term view? Consumers almost have an “addiction” to the NEW when it comes to consuming products. However, there is also a growing concern within consumers for the environment and policies that organizations and individuals stand for beyond “the brand”. If the business ethics don’t meet the consumers’ expectations for social cause, transparency and trust, businesses and individuals will fail completely.

Super Social Status (we discuss gamification regularly, see here and here) –  As a society, we are continually shifting what and how we derive status. Status is now about skills, generosity, levels of connectedness, altruism and eco-credentials. “Badges” are on the increase in social media for others to establish their thoughts on your status. (Who would have thought that a badge beats a Beamer?!) An abundance of connectedness establishes a new position above monetary or material status. How will you manage the new, non-material credentials you MUST be using to establish your business credibility and social status today?

Mad for Mobile  (we also discuss mobile regularly)  –  Now that mobile device usage outnumbers computers 5-to-1 worldwide, we’re far beyond the tipping point. We can now do everything in a mobile way: more local information delivered via mobile, and more timely information delivered instantly. Mobile is simply more effortless; everything is easier on the go. But, how do you PROFIT by integrating effortless, instant-access mobile information with your always-on social media strategy?

Awesome vs. “Flawesome”  Consumers are accepting that it’s okay for companies to be imperfect (they actually prefer it). The more open about your brands’ flaws the better. Being flawed and open about it can lead to a huge spike in brand sentiment. Consumers are embracing brands that admit to screwing up, that transparently show their shortcomings, and that show empathy through their mistakes. The façade of perfection in business is well and truly buried in the minds’ eye of the 2012 consumer. But, which irresistible morsels of fallibility should you proudly display as proof of your business’ human touch — and how do you decide where to apply the polish?

Humanize to Monetize – In today’s world, personality means profit. Period. Bland, self-serving and inflexible brands are now incompatible with the public’s expectations. While human brands, or the humanity within big brands, leads to flourishing businesses. Where do you draw the line between capturing your market’s attention with individuality and character … without over-exposing yourself and your family to potential dangers and unnecessary risks of TMI (“too much information”)?

(Related to the above two themes, we discuss authenticity in your social media and overall branding in several contexts found here)

Big Brand Bypass   –  New platforms are allowing more and more consumers to bypass brands and instead sell or exchange directly with one other. What can you do to show your audience that your business is the obvious choice for them … by being top of mind and in front of them at the crucial moments when they make that decision?

Privacy Paranoia  – Will 2012 finally tip the scales on a growing privacy backlash, resulting in a revolt against the widespread access to “open & misused information”? For the moment, Facebook, Google and many other services are pushing and pushing the boundaries of acceptability on privacy. At what point do we become uncomfortable and say, “enough is enough”?

We plan to tune in to learn new perspective on themes both familiar and new to followers of this blog.  Hope you can too.  Here’s a link to register:

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