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2012 Social Marketing Resolution Possibilities– The 10/10/5 Plan

January 15, 2012

We try to steer clear of political commentary at Ready-Aim-Fire.  However, we couldn’t resist a reference to Herman Cain’s 9-9-9 plan when we came across the three posts we share below.  Each post offers powerful suggestions for better web-based marketing in 2012– 25 social

media best-practices ideas in total that New Market Entrepreneurs can consider for 2012.  Not all of these will apply for all readers.  But we hope they will help stimulate ideas for some great new growth initiatives in 2012.

Ten Social Media Strategies to Define a Successful 2012 by Brian Solis of Altimeter Group invites New Market Entrepreneurs to become sociologists and immerse yourselves in the day in the life of your target audience.

Starting now and forever, technology and empathy are now part of your business strategy. To what extent disruptive technology impacts your markets will depend on your industry and the rate of adoption within it.

Priority areas for your social media strategy should include an understanding of the following:

1. Social Networks from Facebook to Twitter to Google+ and how they’re connecting to influencers and businesses

2. Geo-location check-in services such as Foursquare and Facebook location updates to share locations and earn rewards or opportunities for discounts.

3. Crowd-sourced discounts and deals including Groupon and LivingSocial and what’s valued and why.

4. Social commerce services like Shopkick and Armadealo and how they create personalized experiences that are worth sharing.

5. Referral based solutions like Yelp, Service Magic, and Angie’s List to make informed decisions and how shared experiences can improve your business, products, and services.

6. Gamification platforms such as Badgeville and Fangager, and why rewarding engagement improves commerce and loyalty.

7. How your consumers using mobile devices today and what apps they’re installing. Also, how they’re comparing options, reviewing experiences and making decisions while mobile?

8. The online presence your business produces across a variety of platforms such as tablets, smartphones, laptops and desktops. You must realize how consumers are experiencing the online presences you create and whether or not they deliver a holistic and optimized experience for each platform.

9. The consumer clickpath based on the platform consumers are using. Are you steering experiences based on the expectations of your customers? And are you taking into consideration the device or network where the clickpath begins and ends? Are you integrating Facebook F-commerce and m-commerce into the journey?

10. The expectations of connected consumers, what they value in each channel and platform, where they engage and how your business can improve experiences and make them worthy of sharing.

Read more

10 Habits of Top-Notch Content Creators offers practical advise for New Market Entrepreneurs who plan to leverage Content Marketing in 2012:

1) Sets & Adheres to Deadlines

2) Be Goal-Oriented

3) Rely on Multiple Resources

4) Pays Attention to Details

5) Never Runs Out of Content Ideas

6)Think Like an Educator

7) Balance Quality and Quantity

8) Keep Customer Personas in Mind

9) Think Like a Publisher, Too

10) Use Data to Measure & Improve Content

While this might at first appear to be a fairly obvious list of suggestions, we encourage you to click to read more.  Each recommendation is fully explained and contains practical ideas for how to execute.  Successful content marketing must be part of a well thought out strategy and executed as part of a consistent operating plan.  Otherwise you will fall short.  This post will help get you started if you have not already taken the leap.

5 Proven Ways to Generate Revenue From Facebook is a great starting point for New Market Entrepreneurs who have not yet taken the Facebook plunge or are looking to put more skin in the game.  Here’s a summary:

There are a number of strategies companies use to do Facebook business effectively.  Let’s look at five of them.

1. Advertising-Based Ecommerce

Marketers can leverage the massive reach and highly customizable targeting of Facebook’s ad platform. They can create ads that take clickers straight to an ecommerce site, bypassing fan marketing entirely. The ads-direct-to-websites option is often overlooked, but can be immediately profitable. If you’re not 100% sure about committing to the time and creativity required for fan marketing, then test direct-to-site ad traffic first.

2. Fan Marketing Ecommerce

Fan marketing is selling to fans by posting from your page into their news feeds.

Fans appear to be more responsive when acquired through ads than through contests, content or legacy. Data analysis in 2011 from companies like PageLever revealed that many multimillion-fan brand pages were reaching 7% or fewer of their fans. Some pages have hundreds of thousands of fans who never liked or commented on a post, and have not seen the page’s posts for years.

Success with fan marketing requires that you be as visible as possible to your fans, and EdgeRank has a time decay factor. New fans may be required in some cases. Some businesses have taken the radical step to start entirely new pages and use Facebook ads to grow a new and more targeted fan base. With their more sophisticated and up-to-date understanding of how to engage fans, they achieve better results than they had with their old page.

3. Facebook Ads and Email

Many companies already have email dialed in. They know how much the average email subscriber is worth to their company, and they have an email marketing process that’s profitable.

For these companies, whether they initiate fan marketing or not, it makes sense to use Facebook ads to acquire even more subscribers, as long as those subscribers are qualified. Facebook advertising can be targeted according to 16 different criteria, including age, gender, interests, location, relationship status, connection to pages you admin, workplace, education level, majors in college and more. Add to that some ad copy that calls out the people you want to target, and you can ensure these new subscribers are qualified.

4. Facebook Ads and Text Messaging

Businesses haven’t rushed to adopt SMS marketing, but 24% of mobile marketers have found their campaign ROI met or exceeded their expectations, and 4% of all mobile users have responded to a coupon for a product or service.

5. Generating Traffic to Your Ad-Supported Site

If you’re a publisher or blogger, content is your stock in trade, and advertising is usually your bread and butter. Why not create a Facebook page for your site, grow that fan base, then post a link to every new article? This boosts traffic to your website. Since your advertising revenue is tied to pageviews, more traffic from new readers and repeat traffic from fans mean more advertising revenues for your website.

Which Revenue Model Should You Choose?

If one of these models isn’t an obvious match for your business, I’d recommend you first test direct Facebook ads to whatever is already working for your business. Do you have products or services that already sell well? Use Facebook ads to send more traffic to them.

Fans can also be affordably acquired through Facebook ads, but make sure you understand the amount of time and creativity required for fan marketing before you start. Companies that jump into fan marketing without that understanding and a good plan usually post in a way that doesn’t lead to much interaction. Then, EdgeRank reduces the reach and value of your Facebook page. Overall, the ROI of your efforts becomes low or negative. But when you get the right fans from Facebook ads and engage them with interesting content, profits often follow.

Click for the entire post which also provides real-world examples.

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