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Powerful Pictures Worth Thousands of Words | Mapping Social Media Ecosystem

December 2, 2011

(Sorry for the poor formatting on this post.  Can’t seem to get it to format right!)

Whether you live this stuff every minute of the day or you are a newbie  looking get your head around social media for the first time, here is an assembly of infographics that I have found VERY helpful in enhancing my understanding of the space.  Because companies come, go and merge– and some of these graphics are a year or more old– you should not consider them absolute gospel.


The Conversation Prism maps the myriad of platforms for sharing dynamic, multi-media conversations.  If you think social media is limited to Facebook, Twitter and Linked in, take a closer look.
While there’s some overlap, the “Conversations in Social Media” Prism maps out social media platforms by function/activity– for instance, social blogging, Q&A, video, mobile, ect.
The Social Compass helps make sense for how the above social platforms might fit into your Branding and Go-to-Market strategies.

This final infographic is a different slant on the prior– the Social Media Brandsphere takes a paid vs. promoted vs. owned vs. shared vs. earned approach (discussed in a prior post here) breaks down these five different ways brands can engage with their customers through social media channels.  It highlights  how each different technique produces a wide range of possibilities for interaction and storytelling between people and brands.   Read all about it here.
For the inquisitive, there is a mindblowing series of Brandsphere infographics produced by the same group that did this one.  Take a look here.
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