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What do Sticky Notes, Angry Birds, WD40 and the ‘1984’ Apple Ad have in common?

November 29, 2011

All the wildly successful products listed above, but one, were the result of sustained, multiple failures.  The one that was not twas believed to be destined to be so horrible it was ditched by the company’s board of directors.  Can you guess which one?

Here’s the story of the three that were the result of failure and the valuable learning that led to ultimate success.  Since that post, it was recently announced that the company behind Angry Birds, Rovio, turned down a $2.25 billion offer!   Outrageous valuation? For sure.  But a vote of confidence for pursuing one’s passions? Absolutely!

As for the wild success that was doomed by the board?  It was Apple’s “1984” ad which is now recognized as one of the most powerful pieces of advertising influence ever created.  There’s an incredible back story associated with the development of this ad in the new Steve Jobs biography.

The moral is that New Market Entrepreneurs need trust their guts when their instincts tell them to keep pressing– as long as their pocketbooks can support it!

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