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6 Ways to Kill Your Launch & 3 Ideas to Help it Flourish

November 15, 2011

Here’s a great post that lists 6 ways to trip over your untied shoelaces when executing a launch.  Recently, we posted about Minimum Viable Product and encouraged New Market Entrepreneurs not to be too hasty when picking a launch date.  The other side of the argument is found in this post and is worth the quick read.  It’s top line ideas on how to kill a launch are summarized below as follows:

1. Not Working Fast Enough

Not meeting your product launch deadline can be deadly. A lot of people are anticipating the launch, including the press and your investors, and if you fail to meet it and don’t have a really good reason, people may doubt your ability in the future.  -read more

2. Unsure About The Problem

A slow product launch might be caused by you and your team not understanding the problem your product is supposed to fix. This could lead to a number of problems.  -read more

3. Fear Of Users

Seriously, you’d think that if you were launching a product you’d be in love with the thought of engaging customers. But not every one behind a product launch is the out-going type. Heck, if he or she is an engineer, they like tinkering with the toys and not talking to the customer.  -read more

4. Fear Of Failure

Starting a business, especially one that will get a lot of attention, can cause some people to procrastinate because they are afraid to fail. They don’t want to launch their product because they think people will look down on them or their product won’t measure up to the competition.  -read more

5. Being Distracted By Too Many Things

This is a real killer for entrepreneurs. You probably love to work and solve problems, and when you do this, if you’re like me, you may end up getting involved in a lot of things. Entrepreneurs are overachievers, which is a good thing, but it can spell trouble when it comes to launch time.  -read more

6. Perfectionism

Perfectionism is simply re-working a product over and over, trying to fix every single bug and erase every single bad design element so the customer gets a perfect product. That’s really the traditional, big corporation idea product launch.  -read more


You have to work hard to be a successful entrepreneur. You have to put in 80 hours a week and sacrifice time with family and friends. Don’t let a delayed product launch flush all that work down the drain!

While we’re at it, here’s an inspiring post from a 1st-time New Market Entrepreneur sharing the three guiding principals she has embraced to help get her through the launch process.

First off: make it work.  Yes, as Tim Gunn says to the minions on Project Runway, now is not the time to nit-pick but rather the time to make the best of one’s slaved over project. The true fact is that most great businesses are a work in progress.  Being nimble and constantly evolving defines great companies.  So the site or product may not be perfect, that user form may be clunky and you likely still have a mile long list of “wish I had” features that weren’t feasible or affordable at launch and that is okay.  Instead, take what you have and make the best of it.

Second on the list: go big or go home. This is perhaps the most common statement but also the one most consistent with what led you to become an entrepreneur in the first place.  For me this most relates to the nervousness I feel at baring my dreams and business goals to email personal contacts and tell them about the site.  As it was with other business ventures that I never got off the ground, this site will be brought up at family events and friend’s dinners for years to come.

The final statement I call on: perfect posture.  – confidence and poise are key ingredients in most of life’s battles.  On launch day and in the days and months after, I will hold my head high and my shoulders back, ready to go after what I want.

-read more

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