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A Research Department In-a-box

November 11, 2011

If you are ever in need of data to support a point or stats to round out your presentation, Google has just launched a versatile tool that may help you find what you are looking for… all based on Google’s ubiquitous technologies to locate and grind what’s happening across the web.

Google’s new, free  platform offers helpful tools, studies, trends, stats, and videos to give marketers the data they need when they need it. Most helpful for your on-the-fly needs are the Real-Time Insights Finder and Facts & Stats.

Real-Time Insights allows you to drill down on search trends and online behavior based on 5 questions via the dynamic graphical interface shown below.

Facts and Stats powers you to gather information about your business’ target audiences by drilling down across industry, media platform, audience and marketing objective.  In addition, you will find three additional platforms, Latest Insights (the ‘what’s new’ section), Research Library (multi-media library of custom research, case studies, interviews and soundbites from Google industry events), and Thinking Ahead (a section Google seems to be reserving for making periodic predictions about what may be around the corner).  These are less interactive, but jam-packed with published data.

For New Market Entrepreneurs pressed for time and/or resources to delegate finding that all-important stat to back up your point(s), you will find this new resource a great place to start.

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