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Timing is Everything…

November 9, 2011

Think about your own consumption habits when using social media–  when are you typically checking Facebook, Twitter, or Linked In  (you are probably not regularly checking Google + because there’s nothing there– yet)?  When you do head over to your favorite social media sites, how thorough are you in reviewing the content in your stream?  Are you vigilant in ensuring you not miss a thing since your last visit?  Likely not.  If you are like most, you simply scan down the newsfeed that’s presented until you get bored or run out of time.

Depending on how many you have in your social network, the torrent of information flowing through our Twitter, Linked In and Facebook feeds is not unlike standing alongside a congested highway with cars zipping by.  Unless you are really focused 100% of the time, you’ll miss much of what passes by.

If you are counting on the social media echo chamber as an important element of your Go-to-Market strategy, then you might want to consider when your targets are actually using the social network with which you are looking to connect with them.  Do you know the best times of day and days of week to publish your message?  Like most things in life, timing is everything!

Here is a handy infographic that spells out some general aggregate trends for both consumers and businesses.

There are many tools out there to help you manage and optimize the timing of your posts.  In a future post I will summarize the ones I find most useful.  In the meantime, don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like some recommendations.

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