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Marketing That Doesn’t Suck

November 3, 2011

I have shared quite a bit on the topics of “Content Marketing” and its trendy-twin, “Inbound Marketing“.  The rise of ‘echo-chambers’ like Facebook, Twitter and Linked In, not to mention social sharing apps like Stumble Upon and Tumblr– has helped to re-engergize a marketing tactic as old as the hills:  “Give to Get”.

In the days before these echo chambers, entrepreneurs like myself– especially in B2B scenarios– labored tirelessly to devise clever ways to get prospects to reveal their email addresses and (a real score) a bit about themesleves and their pressing needs.  This was done via a handful of “interuptive” tactics like email blasts, outbound telemarketing and selective advertising/event marketing.  What we gave was access to insight via white papers or other value-added information.  What we got, if we were lucky, was the opportunity to start a dialog.

While the aforementioned echo-chambers have exponentially elevated the level of useless noise out there (are you as sick of reading inane status updates as I am?), people really are beginning to get the hang of social sharing.  Increasingly I am seeing folks in my social networks, from all walks of life, sharing interesting things that either entertain or educate…   This is the new, high octane fuel that saavy B2B and B2C marketers from across the size/maturity spectrum  are leveraging with huge success.

The secret (and the challenge) is coming up with delightful content, consistent with your  product/service offering, that entertains or informs.  If you can’t successfully answer yes to the following question:  “Would I want to pass this along to my (fill in the blank) friends, peers and/or family?”, then the dog won’t hunt.  Go back to the drawing board!

Below is a great infographic (Infographics are an another new-ish Content Marketing device engineered for social sharing while informing, delighting and creating Brand-awareness for their publishers) contrasting traditional marketing to social-powered content/inbound marketing.  Take a close look.

If you are eager to learn more, check out the links at the top of this post and sign up/follow Hubspot, a web platform for managing inbound marketing and a prolific publisher of great material covering a gamut of content/inbound marketing topics.  By the way, you’d be hard-pressed to find a New Market Entrepreneurial company that does a better job of practicing what they preach!

Update:  Here’s a new post, “23 Reasons to Give to Get” if you are still unconvinced…

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