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Content Marketing 101

October 22, 2011

In this post the other day I shared a chart that contrasts the different methodologies employed by marketers to build audience.  If you saw it (or want to quickly check it out now) you will note that content-driven strategies are among the most used and most successful.  In the old days this technique typically involved targeted email driving prospects to download a white paper in exchange for filling out a web form.  Today, email outreach is still leveraged, but social media platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter are increasing eclipsing the power and effectiveness of email.   As noted in my last blogpost, much of this has to do with the power of social circles in influencing prospects to get interested.  But it also has to do with targeting content with precision in the right social circles.

In “Content Marketing Is Key to the Sales Funnel” New Market Entrepreneurs will see usage stats on the myriad of great devices you can deploy over a continuous process to manage prospects across the Marketing/Sales funnel, what I call the AIDA (Marketing: Awareness/Interest,   Sales: Desire/Action).

Content Types that Are Most Valuable for Directly Supporting Marketing Objectives According to B2B and B2C Marketing Professionals Worldwide, May 2011 (% of respondents)


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