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Social Enterprise: Giddee Up

October 18, 2011

Whether you are B2B or B2C, are you ready for complete integration of your Marketing and Sales efforts into all the dominant social media platforms?  It’s called the Social Enterprise and it has arrived.   Read up here and here.

Becoming a Social Business, or Social Enterprise as some call it, is a multi-faceted transformation.  We’re talking big “T” versus little “t” transformation and it starts with people, their attitudes, and how they work. No part of the company and its ecosystem goes untouched and that amount of change can scare people. Frankly, who has the time or the appetite to take this on when everyone is scrambling for revenue?    If you want to survive this economic cycle, you do.

The big “T” will fizzle as quickly as a wet sparkler on the Fourth of July if becoming a Social Enterprise is just another strategic initiative added to the laundry list of corporate imperatives.  If, however, we step back and consider that the underlying dynamics of our lives, relationships, work and economy have changed, we can approach it with a fresh perspective.   The “T” becomes the roadmap to a reinvigorated company that is more successful, harmonious and, just maybe, more ‘fun’.

The number one impediment to economic growth today is time and knowledge.  The way businesses buy products and services in the new internet-enabled, social-enabled, mobile-enable world is very different than the way they bought products 10 years ago.  Companies need to evolve their selling capabilities and processes to match this new world.  A large part of the workforce doesn’t understand the new enablement and engagement expectations of a socially interconnected economy so it’s easy to see how companies, industries and communities are being left behind.

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