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eMail Social Sharing: Using It? How Does it Compare?

October 15, 2011

In the last six months it has become extremely easy to add share-buttons to your outbound email campaigns that tie to recipients’ social networks– should they choose to click.  Obviously, this should be a powerful allure to New Market Entrepreneurs as it represents a dramatic opportunity to widen the audience that receives your message.

However, like all aspects of email marketing, it aint always as easy as it sounds to reap the clicks…

Here’s a great outline of the technique, its challenges, and common mistakes…   take a look.

Also included in this Marketing Sherpa piece is a great chart that contrasts the most widely used techniques to grow audience and email lists.  Notice the old-standbys that bubble to the top:  registration during purchase and for content downloads.  Of course, marketers first must get prospects to the point where they can consider the purchase and/or content download so, presumably, they have been moved along the response curve by prior marketing techniques, perhaps some of the ones that are ranking lower.

But there is no mistaking the low-scoring reality of social sharing and forward-to-friend.  It doesn’t mean you don’t leverage them!   Just be sure to follow the advise in the above-referenced piece as well as the common sense approach to always be relevant and understand the context in which the share button message will appear in sharer’s newsfeeds.


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