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What Next?

October 12, 2011

In my 9/27 blogpost commenting on Facebook’s upcoming timeline feature, I referenced a iconic scene from AMC’s Madmen TV series where our boy Don Draper has Kodak eating out of his hand by pushing the buttons of nostalgia.  If you enjoyed that piece, you will likely be moved to give this Forbes piece some serious consideration.  Why? In today’s world things just aint that easy!

Everything we do has to be centered upon building deep, satisfying relationships with our customers and even our prospects.

After that moment, at the end of that scene, when the smoke in the conference room settled, Don Draper’s job would not be complete in today’s world.  In today’s world of email and social media he would have to conceive of a comprehensive plan for how Kodak could continue the conversation beyond the first point of engagement.


Our relationships with brands have changed.  The old certainties of marketing are losing relevance.  Advertising has moved from broadcasting to engagement. In a social world, people want to receive content that is relevant to them.  They also expect advertising that is relevant to them.  They expect more from a brand than emotion brought on by nostalgia.  Marketers can no longer get by with broadcasting one message to anonymous impressions.

Nowadays, marketing is all about engagement and utility.  After that initial moment of wow brought on by story-telling, comedy, desire, or nostalgia, the first step to engagement marketing is acquiring the contact information of interested consumers.  The next step is providing them with useful, actionable and relevant information.    -read more-




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