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Powerful New Facebook Metrics

October 5, 2011

Prior posts have emphasized job 1 for your Facebook page is offering compelling, relevant content with which your fans/followers will feel compelled to interact.  While extremely difficult to do consistently (you must think like a magazine publisher… what do I put on my cover today that will make people stop dead in their tracks and want to buy my magazine?), achieving this goal will assure a growing, engaged and vibrant community of fans and followers with whom you have a unique and special bond.

Facebook recently announced a new set of metrics well explained here.   Here are some snapshots:

New Metric 1: “People Talking About” – The new ‘People Talking About’ feature has been put into place as an additional metric for admins and users to be able to see not just how many people are fans of a brand page, but how much engagement and conversation the page has. By looking at user-initiated activities for a page such as ‘Likes’, posts, comments, shares, polls, photo-tagging, mentions and check-ins, the ‘People Talking About’ function creates an overall snapshot for how much interaction and engagement a particular page has.

Comments:   Marketers should pay close attention to this metric in aggregate as well as in its granular form on your insights page.   When viewed in aggregate, as a percent of your overall fan base, you can now score the overall efficacy of your posts’ success in compelling interaction.  Email marketers know this as open and click rates.  Think of “People are Talking About” in the same way.  And guess what?  Facebook is most certainly using this score as part of its algorithm to which determines the degree to which your content is showing up in your fan’s newsfeeds.   Better yet, you can see this stat for each and every post!   Check these stats often.  Study the trends and learn from what seems to be working and not working.  Experiment, experiment, experiment!   Lastly, this stat will be on your fan page for all to see.  In time, it may become a self-fulfilling prophecy as new fan prospects might possibly see a low “PTA” score and decide not to become a fan.  Or vice versa.  Time will tell.

New Metric 2:  “Friends of Fans “- Like its name suggests, ‘Friends of Fans’ represents the number of friends the fans of your page have. So in essence this creates a ‘potential audience’ figure for brands as to the total reach that any posts shared by fans could have.

Comments:  Keep your eye on the prize.  This is your Facebook market!  Every post you consider sharing should ask:  “will this put my best foot forward to engage a fan to take action such that one of their friends will take notice?”   How can you engage your fans to become your spokesperson?  When they do, you will be on your way to getting noticed and building share of mind with that vast potential market out there.

New Metric 3:  Weekly Total Reach – With ‘Friends of Fans’ looking at the potential audience, the new ‘Weekly Total Reach’ metric highlights actual audience, reflecting how many people have posted about your page, mentioned or referenced your page and how much viral activity your posts and pages have had. Where previously locating this level of tracking was not so easy, ‘Weekly Total Reach’ really does provide brands with a additional optimisation to see what types of posts are working and which have been far reaching – be it videos, photos, polls, competitions or new product posts.

Comments:  Powerful data.  Like “PTA”, in aggregate and in it’s granular form, you will glean tremendous insight about your effectiveness in publishing what matters as well as what’s working and not working with respect to your individual posts.

We all know that you can’t manage what you don’t measure and that you can’t strive for improvement if you aren’t paying attention.  With these new analytics, Facebook has provided New Market Entrepreneurs with powerful tools to do both!

Go get em!


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