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Crowdsource Branding

September 18, 2011

We are currently working to help a stealth startup in the social collaboration space develop a brand identity and G2M plan.  These are such exciting times to be doing work of this kind.  Rarely a day goes by when we don’t discuss the importance of the process and priorties for building a transparent brand that this startup’s early adopter/adherents helps to define.  Brand-building for New Market Entrepreneurs is no longer command and control…   it’s thoughtful, deliberate and an evolutionary process built upon an open, honest and transparent 1-to-1 dialog with Users.  Charting out this process is hard work.   Executing it by reading and rapidly reacting to the unexpected is even harder.  But when done well, your Users will help you build your brand with all their hearts and energy in ways that no Superbowl Ad can ever achieve.

We call it Crowdsource Branding–

I was prompted to see this approach in a whole new light as I read a fascinating cover story in Forbes entitled, “Social Power and the Coming Corporate Revolution“.  These excerpts should provide a taste for how social media is bringing on a “Corporate Spring” for companies and brands.

We have entered the age of empowered individuals, who use potent new technologies and harness social media to organize themselves. A few have joined cause with WikiLeaks and its terrifying stepchildren, upending the once secure corridors of the U.S. State Department and Pentagon. But most are ordinary people with new tools to force you to listen to what they care about and to demand respect. Both your customers and your employees have started marching in this burgeoning social media multitude, and you’d better get out of their way—or learn to embrace them.

In this new world of business, companies and leaders will have to show authenticity, fairness, transparency and good faith. If they don’t, customers and employees may come to distrust them, to potentially disastrous effect. Customers who don’t like a product can quickly broadcast their disapproval.

But overall these changes suggest a bright future for business and society globally. The world is becoming more democratic and reflective of the will of ordinary people. And pragmatically, social power can help keep your company vital. Newly armed customer and employee activists can become the source of creativity, innovation and new ideas to take your company forward. A growing number of executives and companies are converts to this point of view.


Give this article a read.  It may open your eyes if you’re still living in a command and control world.




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