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“Giving a Shit Doesn’t Scale”

August 29, 2011

Great products and great marketing is all about creating an aura of sheer delight. If your peers or your boss(es) are telling you to crank up your social media, share this with them!

Why? Because fundamentally, doing social media “right” with equal doses of speed, caring, delight, and panache is not simple. It’s both difficult and incredibly resource-intensive. As blogger/social media guru  Gary Vaynerchuk said in a keynote once “Giving a shit doesn’t scale.” And he’s right.

Every time we opt for simple by pre-programming tweets, by purchasing likes, by turning our Facebook wall into nothing but a coupon machine, by using marketing automation software to auto-contact prospects in social media, we are flying in the face of what we know other social media users would prefer.

It’s up to the social media practitioners to fight back against this trend toward simplistic social marketing automation, the invitation avalanche, and buying love instead of earning it. We are trying to force social media marketing into an automated, customer acquisition focus that it wears like a suit of armor at a nudist colony. You can put a stop to it.

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