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How Social Media Is Changing The Way College Coaches Recruit

August 13, 2011

Web utilities like my client,‘s video platform are dramatically changing the way athletes rise above the fray.  For years athletes have been advised to submit game film and highlight reels to the schools in which they are interested.  Of course, until recently, this was an expensive proposition if farmed out, or highly technical and time consuming if done my mom, dad or ‘uncle Rich’.  With the advent of seemless game uploads and online clip/highlight reel (a series of clips)-creation, every family with a web connection is now in the video production business.

Once noticed athletes and coaches have a strict set of rules to which they must abide as they proceed through the ‘courtship process’.  That’s why I found this NYT article on how coaches are turning to social media to both stay connected while also operating at the fringe of the rules very interesting.

“If you’re not on Facebook or Twitter, you may be a step behind,” said Evan Daniels, the national basketball recruiting analyst for

In the multimillion-dollar businesses of college football and men’s basketball, the shift toward social media in recruiting has come partly because the N.C.A.A. barred coaches from text-messaging athletes in 2007, citing their effect on recruits’ cellphone bills as one reason. But coaches and experts say the increasing use of social media is indicative of communication trends, as voice mail is considered superfluous, e-mail is passé and phone conversations are often clipped and awkward.






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