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Time to Add Games to Your Marketing Plan?

June 9, 2011

If you sell goods or services across multiple locations there’s a new arrow for your quiver.  Location-based social gaming leverages smartphones to allow marketers to create their own game-based contests and challenges.  Over 1000 companies have already executed via the sector’s leader, SCVNGR.

SCVNGR is a location-based gaming platform — there are default challenges at every venue, and businesses can also “script” their own challenges. Customers with iPhones and Androids can complete challenges to earn points, which are redeemable for rewards, such as free drinks or 10% off a purchase.

More than 1,000 enterprises have launched challenges and rewards on SCVNGR. Consumers complete challenges to earn rewards. “What we’ve learned is that when brands launch, they can get people to engage with them for 9 to 21 minutes per play,” says Mahl. “They often pull their friends in, too.”

Because SCVNGR has a partnership with Google, it has more than 320 million places in its database. Thus, SCVNGR has the ability to launch challenges with badges and have leaderboards all over the world.

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