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B2B vs. B2C

June 5, 2011

Because we have spent the past 2+ decades in approximately equal portions marketing and selling to businesses as marketing and selling to consumers, we fully understand the unique opportunities and challenges associated with each business model.

I thought sharing a couple of blogposts that do an excellent job of comparing and contrasting the differences might be useful in putting into perspective the different paths a B2B New-Market-Venture might take vs. B2C while also illustrating our comfort level in both domains.  Pls click on the headers below to review the details…  good stuff!

B-2-B Factors

B-2-C Factors

Channels are important (sometimes critical)

Long term customer relationships

Tiered customer service

Purchasing teams

Delineating + Messaging to Users vs. Buyers key to Marketing/Sales Process

Deals are almost always competitive

Usually a Sales force is required

Longer sales cycles with distinct stages

Selling Costs are High

Politics can be a major factor


It is a millions game 

There is one buyer most of the time 

Short sales cycles 

Difficult to Monetize  

Short attention

Details matter even more

Product experience rules

Customer experience rules 

Social proof is mandatory

Building brand equity matters


Web analytics Matters 

Test, test, test 



Respect their privacy


Stay in Touch

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